Australia's Leading Payment Processing Fee Specialist


Thanks to our exclusive agreement with the world’s largest payment acquirer, First Data, Beyond Payment Systems is Australia’s leading payment processing fee specialist. Our fully compliant systems and practices ensure Australian businesses are safe and secure when applying payment processing service fees.

Our full-scale capabilities ensure that your business never has to pay merchant fees or terminal rentals again whilst avoiding all the risks associated with reward programmes and interchange fees. Our Fee-Free EFTPOS system offers current functionality and connectivity including state of the art Mobile 3G and Wi-Fi as well as both integrated and countertop terminals.

We are committed to eliminating merchant fee costs for Australian businesses in a fully compliant and hassle-free way!


As more and more customers pay on card, and card issuers continue to reward spenders with points and other gratuities, unnecessary merchant fees have become a bigger burden than ever before for Australian businesses.

Our fully compliant payment processing fee system helps merchants recover these increasing fees, by voiding all merchant fees (including bank fees, card scheme fees, terminal rental and all admin fees).

It’s easy to apply, simple to install and even easier to start saving the cost of accepting card payment fees!


Reducing your business costs in today’s economic environment is no easy feat, so an opportunity to reduce costs and increase your business profitability, should not be ignored!

Introducing fully compliant payment processing fee (PPF) into your business makes it easy to recover costs from day one and enables your business to save on merchant costs whilst remaining fully compliant with current legislation.

Some of the benefits of working with Beyond Payment Systems include

  • A quick and simple application process
  • Access to our team of payment processing specialists who will help you find the right EFTPOS solution for your business
  • Instantly start saving your money after the terminal is installed and set up


As Australia’s leading payment processing fee specialist, Beyond Payment Systems eliminates the burden and risk of rising merchant fees for Australian businesses. In fact, Beyond Payment Systems assumes all the risk with the fluctuating premium card rates.

Once your application has been approved, your payment processing fee will be fixed (per transaction) on your brand new EFTPOS terminal. Once the terminal is installed and activated you won’t pay any merchant fees for the lifetime of your terminal contract (excludes minimum monthly and early closure fees).

Mobile Terminals Accept Payments on the Go

Our Wi-Fi and 3G solutions allow you to accept debit and credit payments quickly and securely from almost any location.

Countertop and
Integrated Terminals Your point of sale systems

Enable businesses to accept payments in store and connect terminals to point of sale systems.

Payments Your point of sale systems

Our ecommerce solution enables your business to accept online payments and reach its full potential.